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“Cooperative Risk Sharing Among Central Banks and Treasuries”

World Bank Treasury Executive Forum for Senior Central Bankers & Official Sector Asset Managers

Washington, D.C., April, 2012


“Recapitalizing Central Banks and Improving Consolidated Debt Management”

Ministry of Finance of the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, June 2011


“Minimizing Monetary Policy”

Bank for International Settlements 9th Annual Conference

Lucerne, Switzerland, June 2010


“A Comparative Analysis of Central Bank of Chile Capital Dynamics”

Ministry of Finance of Chile, Santiago


“Sitting in an Exit Row? How and When to use the Life Vest under your Seat”

Nomura Securities

Hong Kong


“Central Bank Finances, Policy Outcomes and Independence”

Presentation to the BankIndonesiaLeadership Development Forum

Bank Indonesia, Jakarta


The Federal Reserve System Balance Sheet – What has Happened and Why it Matters

Norges Bank (Oslo, Norway); Sveriges Riksbank (Stockholm, Sweden); Bank of Finland (Helsinki, Finland); Bank for International Settlements (Basle, Switzerland);

Swiss National Bank (Zurich, Switzerland)


“Asian Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Trends”

Panel Participation: The Asian Business Conference 2008


Cambridge, Massachusetts


“Who Signs Banknotes and Why: Issues in Central Bank Finance”

Fiscal Policy and Monetary/Fiscal Policy Interactions Conference

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


“Varieties of Central Bank Recapitalization Experience” (in Spanish)

Seminaro Internacional sobre Manejo de Deficit Cuasifiscales

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


“Setting up a Monetary Framework in the GCC”

GCC MonetaryUnion: Key Issues and Challenges

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


“Central Bank Financial Strength and Policy Performance”

Bank ofEnglandExpert Forum on Central Bank Finances

London, England 



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